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Thursday, June 27, 2002  

That was a hectic few days! Actually didn't really get up to much. Sunday saw me and the Geordie driving down to Catford, which is in South London. We took some fencing that we no longer had any use for, down to our friend Melinda's, who did have a use for it. She was very grateful(and so she should be as the traffic was pretty bad round the Blackwall Tunnel(River Thames crossing between north and Sarfff London)) and made us a delicious cold chicken pieces and salad lunch. Her cats(for she has 2) seemed pretty happy to see us too. We then drove to Vauxhall in Central London, but still sarf of the river to a pub called Dukes, who have a Sunday afternoon session called Rocktronica. Highly recommended session of beats and sounds, old and new, with an indie/dance/electronic tinge. We know the DJ. Our friend, Lucio and he, well, got it together shall we say, a couple of times last summer. Our mate Rob joined us in the beer garden. Lovely afternoon with bagels from Brick Lane to follow for our tea's on the way home. Nice.

Other news:
Germany fluke their way into the World Cup Final, Brazil walk all over anyone who gets in their way, to join Germany on Sunday 30th June. England arrive home to a heroes welcome - we should have won it though and to see Germany in the final after we thrashed them 5 - 1 in Munich less than a year ago nearly breaks my heart. Its a funny old game.
South Korea fall to Germany in the Semis, Turkey, lame victors of Japan, fell to Brazil, though they put up a brave fight.
We hear about our pay rises at work. Deep joy except I think mine has been f***ed up for the second year running.
At least I have the sanctuary of some excellent TV to fall back on at the moment(and thats partly why there has been a gap in writing). Six Feet Under goes from strength to strength. Big Brother still holds my attention and has some great moments. And Wimbledon starts just as England leave Japan. Henman walks through to the Third Round. Can he do it for olde England after 70 years of hurt? Cross everything.

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Saturday, June 22, 2002  

South Korea beat Spain(Best Looker for Espagna - Iker Casillas) on penalties and another of "my teams" bites the dust. South Korea, though, have given much pleasure, to most people's surprise, in this World Cup. Controversial refereeing/linesman decisions aside, South Korea deserved to go through due to their commitment and expenditure of energy, never giving up until the end. So, now that England and Spain are out, who to barrack for? Brazil, Germany, South Korea or Senegal/Turkey(currently tied 0-0 in the last Quarter Final). Someone I work with is married to a Turkish woman. He is cheering them on. Unfortunately I can't get beyond their human rights record, so cannot find it within me to wish them well. South Korea on the other hand - well, how does their human rights record stand up? Better than North Korea no doubt. I'll look into it, but until then - "COME ON SOUTH KOREA!!!".

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After encouragement from the Geordie, after thinking about this for a few weeks, my blog finally hits the page/web. On a weekend when Englishmen the world over are coming to terms with defeat to Brazil in the World Cup Finals in Japan, this is a refreshing change and something to focus my mind on instead.

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