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Thursday, November 28, 2002  

We're off to Zurich and its Christmas Market for a spot of shopping and to see our friend Tom. Leave a candle in the window for our return.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002  

100 Greatest Gay Britons

Still 2 days to get your votes in for 100 Greatest Gay Britons.

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"Is there a Dr. Atkins in the house?!?"

I spent half an hour looking for low carb food in Marks & Spencer at lunchtime, frustrating myself, but eventually feeling proud that I had achieved what I had set out to do - I bought a Feta Salad and Diet Coke.

Upon arriving home from work and then the garage, where our car had been hospitalized for his first service in 6 years(!), Dave could see that I was climbing the walls, so drove me to our friend Lucio's, where we ordered Chinese Take Away and feasted on high carbs for the first time in weeks. Bliss.

And 2 hours later I'm stuffed and regretting every second of it.

Water ! ! ! !

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Monday, November 25, 2002  

"Harry Potter! What a Boner!"

Thanks to Keithers for this satire alert:'s "Harry Potter and the Curse of the Cobra: Puberty Hits at Hogwarts."

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My musical taste is nothing if not eclectic.

No, really.

Pearl Jam's latest, 'Riot Act', has been replaced in my 'Sounds' by Kylie's 'Greatest Hits', a PWL release to capitalise on the Aussie minx's resurgence in popularity. The original 'Gt Hits' was deleted in the mid-90's due to her decline following her move to Deconstruction and writing her own songs for a desperate lunge for credibility. That credibility and worldwide domination eventually came with 2000's 'Light Years', though with little song-writing from the diminutive star, herself. 'Fever' led to her first huge US hit, followed by PWL jumping on the success bandwagon with the new Gt Hits. She isn't happy with the cover art. Its not her. And can you blame her? Those hips! That is not a Size 8!

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Sunday, November 24, 2002  

You know when you just can't be bothered, or just don't have any inspiration to put fingers to keyboard? Having 2 nights out to the cinema and 2 in the pub have meant I haven't had that much time either.

'Changing Lanes' was OK(Lots of very horny-looking Ben Affleck close-ups. Nice!). 'Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets' was good, but we felt over-long, though I think I felt this due to being uncomfortable and cramped for the last hour. Yootha Joyce tribute night at 'Duckie' was a laff and we got very drunk. Made the cab driver wait in Brick Lane as Lucio and I went for Bagels for the troops, at 3am.

I'm gonna head back to the sofa now for more TV, DVD, Film, snoozing...

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002  

2 days training over and done with, having to travel to Richmond in SW London from my home in NE London is one of the longest journeys you can do within London. I got it down to 1 hour 50 minutes in the end, which wasn't half bad. The course wasn't half bad in the end, either. That may be because I knew most of what we were taught. I DID warn my boss that there was no need to send me on it, but this cry for help fell on deaf ears and, as it turns out, I was happy with 2 easy days away from the office. Good teacher, nice small bunch of delegates, short days apart from the travelling, chance to relisten to some older albums to break up the newbies from 'Pearl Jam', 'Suede' and 'U2'. Got through the Best of Suzanne Vega and (not so old) Springsteen's 'The Rising'. The choices sound a bit miserable but they were calming, both before and after the course.

Back to 'The Hole' tomorrow.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2002  

We have until 7th March to wait for Todd Haynes' 'Far From Heaven'. Its been in theatres in the USA for 2 weeks now, just too late for our New York trip. This is too, too long to wait for a film that is as highly anticipated as this one.

Even at 6 weeks, 'The Hours' UK Date of 14th February, is also far too long a delay between US and UK Release Dates. We sometimes get simultaneous dates, but this only makes me wonder whether the film is any good. The usual reason for simultaneous release dates for big movies is that they fall short of expectations and the studios don't want word of mouth ruining their box office in other territories. When you see US Reviews praising the films you've been longing to see and then see the UK Release Date pushed back 3 months, the frustration increases.

'Catch Me If You Can' is a 5 week delay, but at least 'Gangs of New York' is only 2 weeks(we've waited long enough for this one on both sides of the Atlantic for godssake!) and 'Matrix Reloaded' is 1 week. Maybe these latter 2 movies will be those kind of films that "fall short of expectations".

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Monday, November 18, 2002  

"`The Quiet American' isn't anti-American," Sir Michael Caine said.

"It's anti the Americans who got the country involved in the Vietnam War."

Will this be repeated in another thirty years time over Iraq?

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Sunday, November 17, 2002  

We went to see 'Rabbit-Proof Fence' today. A day later than our friend Rob. We didn't know he was going to see this film. Its not the most obvious choice for any of us. But we went on the same weekend. Is there a higher power at work here? Is it like the twins who are separated when very young but go through life making the same choices as each other? Could it just be that we wanted to see a film that has had rave reviews, that seems a little more intellectual than the average fare and avoids us having to sit with hundreds of high-pitched kids on the opening weekend of Harry Potter?

I think its the latter and we would all recommend you see it.

Dave was particularly interested in investigating the work of Jason Clarke(Sergeant Riggs in the film) once we got home. I looked and eventually found out: "Jason Clarke has been seen in Halifax f.p, Blue Heelers, Heartbreak High, Water Rats, and All Saints. He has appeared at Belvoir Street in Neil Armfield's The Tempest, Hamlet, and The Blind Giant is Dancing. He has also directed".

So there you go. I don't see it myself, though.

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Saturday, November 16, 2002  

I must hate you all, obviously, if I want you to see this.

No! Its not me! My w.o.e. is paying dividends again. No, really.

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Friday, November 15, 2002  

e:bay have just cancelled my sale of Madonna's Sex Book for the second time. Bastards. UK laws or something. I can't survive on my meagre earnings at work, I NEED to supplement them through e:bay and they are preventing my right to a decent living wage!


I compare it to the current Firemen's strike.

Hahahaha...we're off to the Christmas Market in Zurich in 2 weeks.....for a spot of Christmas shopping. I hope it snows and they have the lights on. Just don't snow when we're coming in to land over the Alps, OK?!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2002  

The other morning I was waiting for the lift at work, when who should waltz into the building but Brian Dowling, ex-Big Brother winner.(Yes, the camp one). He had a walkman on(MP3 I think) and was singing loudly along with the music. He read the sign that states clearly where all 3 tenants of our building are situated and then asked the guard where Angell Sound was. He must have had difficulty reading the 10 inch high words. He carried on singing when he got in the lift. I really wanted to tell him how ridiculous he sounded and looked.

But I didn't.

What a nobber.

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Saturday, November 09, 2002  

Manic Sunday

Its not for public knowledge at this very minute, but the Manic Street Preachers have just arranged another more intimate gig as part of their current UK Tour. They play Wembley Arena(NOT intimate) on Saturday 7th December and are now going to follow this up by playing Brixton Academy(INTIMATE, by their standards) on Sunday 8th. Well found out, Mark at work. 2 tickets purchased on Friday evening by way of another surprise for Dave on his return from the East.

Its a Greatest Hits Tour and some of their fans have their doubts about more recent material and the fact that even getting to the point where they release a Gt Hits, is a betrayal of their goal when they first emerged. I think I've mentioned this before, that if I like what I hear, then I generally try to ignore the politics/beliefs/former-goals-abandoned-so-they-now-look-like-sell-outs type of stuff. Sometimes its a little difficult to ignore, like with Eminem's homophobia. And then there's Ian Brown, ex of Stone Roses. I loved the Stone Roses and I may have gone on to love Ian Brown but were it not for homophobic remarks(and pretty vociferous remarks at that) he made a few years ago. This was the major reason that I was not going to go to Wembley - he is supporting. I haven't, though, yet found out if he is supporting them at Brixton. If I do, there's always the bar until the Manics come on, I suppose.

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I'm a happy and well-adjusted Homo Guy.........apparently.

Take the test.

Dave asked if I'd lied.

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Blogger Nightmare

Well, maybe not that bad, but not being too technically minded, the fact that my post from last night(8.12pm) took until this morning to be published due to recurring Template errors, was very frustrating for me, particularly as I was informing of Dave's safe arrival back in the UK from his business trip to Uzbekistan. Its there now, though, so thats what counts. (?).

Its now noon on Saturday and Dave's morning has been spent on Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, purchased, as requested, for his return. Expect him to be rooted to the spot for the duration of the weekend. Don't get me wrong. I WANT and NEED a quiet weekend, its fine with me. He has Bjork's Greatest Hits to accompany him, while I have the Best of Bowie.

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Friday, November 08, 2002  

According to Heathrow Information, the flight from Tashkent should be landing at 20:12, in just a few minutes. Dave should be calling any minute and he'll be home in a couple of hours. Hurrah!

ps. I'd better get rid of the fast food wrappers littering the house!

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Oh shit. Its after midnight again and I've been out drinking and should, by now, be curled up in bed, thinking of Dave, all alone in Central Asia, all be it, in the Intercontinental Hotel, Tashkent.

Less impromptu drink with Richard. We went to the Duke of Wellington in Soho, which was REALLY LOUD. We stayed for a few, though, before heading for the Kings Arms(Yes! I Know! Second night in a row for me and building a last!!!). Second night in a row, I ended up out drunk at 11pm(well, near as damn it) and being coerced into leaving by my friend. Tonight we left with stalker in tow(stalking Richard, not me. He won't forgive me for leading Mr Stalker on, tho it serves him right for leading HIM on in the toilets! Nuff said!).

8 pints later and another post-1am blog, I'm thinking, I'm fucked and Dave would never let me degenerate into this state. Come home babe, I NEED YOU! (to sort me out). xxx.

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Thursday, November 07, 2002  

Was going to go home after work and vegetate, thinking about my baby working in the exotic Far East.(He says its otherwise, but I still picture adventure films from my youth featuring explorers and rebels in the exotic cities and deserts of Samarkand & Tashkent). I hope he's having a good time as well as missing me.

I went for a drink with Martin tonight, very much impromptu. He was going to watch the second half of A.I. DVD, he bought the other day. I think he very much got the better deal by coming with me to the beardy pub of Soho, the Kings Arms. He got a lot of looks, which has really cheered him as he has noticed them lately.

The Bryan Callen photo I posted yesterday has disappeared. I must replace it. What a doll.

Then to bed, to try to sleep alone while Dave is living it up in the East.

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Tuesday, November 05, 2002  

Was about to go to bed when a Frasier re-run caught my attention, in particular the guest star playing a DJ who takes over Frasier's morning show. Bryan Callen, who was also in numerous episodes of Oz back in 1998.

Another reason I always should have watched Oz! Doh!!!

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There'll be Fireworks

Well, I'm sure.

We've had more than enough for the last 2 weeks and they get louder every year! Or is it my age?

But the Fifth is now past and its dying down out there now. The rain helps of course.


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Walk On

U2 really were at the peak of their power - artistically, critically and commercially, in the 1980's. Something that is more evident upon listening to the new Best Of, covering the years 1990 - 2000 (in reality - 2002 as there are new tracks on the album. Electrical Storm just released as a single and material recorded for Martin Scorsese's new movie, 'Gangs of New York', to follow). Some gems stand out: 'One', 'Beautiful Day', even 'Electrical Storm' and ' Hold Me, Thrill Me...', but the majority of the album is bland bland bland. In-fighting amongst the band and a loss of direction in the early nineties almost led to creative self-destruction. I suppose we should be thankful they grew up and turned it around, to produce one of the best albums of their career in 'All That You Can't Leave Behind'. Its just a pity all the singles from that album don't appear on this 'Best Of' - 'Walk On' is a great track. Maybe it will be on 'U2 - Best Of 2001-2010'.

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Monday, November 04, 2002  

A Nice Chianti?
The problem I have is that, though I love Julianne Moore, I prefer Jodie Foster and the first one was such a great crime movie, the like of which we had not seen for years. Ridley Scott, of course, has created a much more visually stunning movie, as ever. I may see Red Dragon this week, while Dave is away in Uzbekistan on business. (He is not, contrary to popular opinion, an international drug or gun runner, but a member of Her Majesty's esteemed Government, and the house will be very quiet without him). No matter what fans of all 3 say, I bet its better than 28 Days Later!

After seeing Donnie Darko, should I risk blowing it all on Hannibal Lecter?

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Sunday, November 03, 2002  

Wet Weekend

Spent most of this weekend in front of the box or the Movie Screen.

'28 Days Later' was a major let-down and looked like an ITV Prime Time Drama, with a cast to boot. Liked Cillian Murphy though, and not just cos of the lovely cock shot when he wakes from his 28 day coma.

'Wild Things' on DVD, lent to me by a work colleague, was great, in the tradition of '10 Things I Hate About You' and 'Cruel Intentions', with Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon looking their best, especially Kevin's cock!

'Donnie Darko' was all that everyone raved about. Great script, looked great, great acting(loved seeing Mary McDonnell and Katharine Ross(nice to see her getting some work, the bills must be in!) and Jake Gyllenhaal was excellent). We needed to see a film that would restore my faith in film-makers after being so disappointed this year, in general, and this did it.

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