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Sunday, June 27, 2004  

This week(just gone) I have mostly been in South West England.

I had to visit Truro, Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol and Portsmouth for my job. I was really looking forward to a week away in the sun in Cornwall and Devon. But oh no. Some of the worst driving weather I have ever encountered and I, and all other guests, were prisoners in the hotel in Exeter, due to gale force winds and torrential rain. A thoroughly disappointing adventure.

To cap it all, I don't appear to be in the mood to write much down in this place at the moment.

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Sunday, June 20, 2004  

Monday-Wednesday this/last week was spent working nearly 60 hours. Meaning I get Thursday and Friday off. Swings and roundabouts in this new job. I'm still happy though. (Surely he's heading for a fall? - Ed.) Lovely trips to Fulham, Maidstone and Hounslow. Hhhhmmmmm.....

I used my time off well..... well, I lounged around the house on Thursday, did a little food shopping and watched the England Switzerland match at home, rather than going into London, to try to watch it in a crowded pub with friends. After my performance on Sunday evening, in a pub in Victoria, when we were beaten by France in 2 crazy injury time minutes. Less said.

Friday, though, I was let loose on the wider populous once more, heading into town for a birthday drink with Richard(he's now 34, but still wishes he was 29 at the most), Melinda and Martin. When someone came up to me and said "You're Darren aren't you?", I thought the worst. Not that I have anything to hide, you understand, I just get carried away sometimes and have the odd drop too much (witness last Sunday and the aforementioned England France game) and I tend to get in trouble. Luckily it was an ex-friend's ex-boyfriend, who I'd last seen two or more years previously. Was great to see him and we spent the evening reliving old and recent times, until 3am. At my age.

Saturday and Sunday was spent recovering, as it so often is these days. It's nice to get out and about though. We all need our friends and a chance to blow those cobwebs aside.

May need more opportunities(within reason, of course, Dave, don't worry) next weekend, after my next tour of duty, which involves a five day, four night trip to the outer reaches of England. More on that next Saturday.

In the mean-time.... "Come on England!" remains my mantra.

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Saturday, June 12, 2004  

Tour of East Anglia over with, I headed to Birmingham on Thursday for a team meeting. We are spread the length of the country you see, so the meetings flit from city to city, whichever might be the most convenient for wherever the team are situated at any given time. Better than sitting behind the same desk, day in, day out, as I realise more and more each day. Though the M25 *really* pissed me off on the way home Thursday.

Birmingham has really smartened itself up, like a lot of big British cities. The Bull Ring Centre is a beaut. Another beautiful summers day, we had lunch on the street, all European-like, and watched the beautiful Brummies go by.

Saturday. down to earth with a bump, as I ventured back to the Midlands, to visit Leicester. Not so bad, actually; met some lovely people and another glorious day.

Euro 2004 started today. Shock defeat for hosts Portugal. Far from satisfying win for Spain. Glad they did though. If we don't win it, I'd like to see them do it. Hold my life for the next three weeks. (Sorry Dave).

Might get drunk today - "Come On England!!!"

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004  

Kings Lynn is officially a dump.

Peterborough has a nice shopping centre and a beautiful Cathedral.

How can anyone get lost in the smallest city in England - Ely ? You tell me, and I'll try not to get lost again the next time I drive through. (Ps. Ely also has a beautiful Cathedral).

I had to find some public toilets in Littleport. Following getting lost in Ely.

Does it seem like I am on a tour of East Anglia this week?

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004  

ps. forgot to mention that while Dave was away in Blackpool, post-Brent-Cross, I spent a Lost Weekend in London, getting absolutely hammered, finding out the ex-boyfriend has slept with another bloke we always said we despised, crying with laughter and with pain & misery, and generally having a rollercoaster of a time.... without the rollercoaster, or a safety net.

Don't cross me off the social list just yet, though.

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When I visited Norwich today, I was expecting a bit(actually, I was expecting a LOT) of this, but it seems that Norwich must have been practically flattened during WWII, as what I actually got was a lot of this and this.

Ipswich, on the other hand, I was really expecting to be a bit shit. On the contrary, it was rather pretty and there were loads of Tractor Boys around.

Which was nice.

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Saturday, June 05, 2004  

Took Dave on a magical mystery tour today, as I thought he would enjoy it. It was only Brent Cross Shopping Centre, but the reason for the trip was due to the Fun Fair that I saw stationed in their car park as I drove past on't way back from Wellingborough yesterday. Only a £ to get in and we had a ride on the Wild Mouse, to clear the cobwebs. More chav-like around for us to feast our eyes on...

... though none as sexy as Mr Skinner of The Streets(see below). Dave had his eye on the security men, who had a huge alsatian-like dog caged... in a very small cage.

Dave also got a couple of magazines he'd been searching high and low for, in Victoria all week, and I got the Nike Air trainers I was after. BW would be proud, the normal price everywhere(including the shop we were in) is £54.99, but there were three pairs on special cos (I think) they were shop-spoiled. Two of the pairs were £39.99, but the other, and in my size were £29.99. They came up at the till as £39.99. Several minutes later, after the assistant had to go ino the back of the shop to consult with management, she returned to let me know that "we will let you have them for £29.99, though the ticket inside says £39.99". Well, the BARCODE might say £39.99, but it clearly says in pen and ink "£29.99". You offer, I accept. Thank you very much.

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Friday, June 04, 2004  

Anyone ever been to Wellingborough? I bet BW has, she lives not too far away. Dave has, as his family used to regularly holiday at Billing Aquadrome, just down't roarrrd (they have ducks, you know). I hadn't until today. Went there on business. Was always told horror stories on what it was like and what our store there was like. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised by the small market town, the castle, the pretty church and the quite-nice-store.

There were lots of Burberry/Fila-clad-Chav around, of course, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing:

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004  

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Margate.

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