these moments that I've had.

Sunday, July 25, 2004  

Tiring three day week. What a wuss. New car arrived Friday - Toyota Corolla T3. Metallic silver. I had my doubts about the colour, but it's fine. Not as fast, smooth, or all-round powerful as the VW Passat, but this should keep my speed in check, already being on 6 points. Spent the last two days running it in - Beckton for pet supplies, South Woodford looking at housing opportunities for our friend Tom, and to IKEA in Wembley for some bits and pieces. Dave is currently running himself into the ground trying to assemble two computer-desk chairs, a folding table, two blackout blinds, a new lampshade for the bedroom ceiling light, and positioning the new rugs just... so. Seems to have come down with a cold, poor love. Should be taking it easy, especially after that half a bottle of Mateus Rosé sent him to bed at 7.30pm last night.

Off to Dublin at 4am on Monday morning. Don't get excited, my flight back is on Tuesday lunchtime, hardly enough time to down half a Guinness, never mind paint the town green.  

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Sunday, July 18, 2004  

Wood Green, Canary Wharf, Covent Garden....
Then Harrow and Walthamstow.
Glamour, darling, glamour.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004  

I am currently in Basingstoke and this is my first ever (un)official post during work hours.

Weird huh?

It is 9.30pm though, so surely I can be forgiven, not having had an hour for lunch and having been working since 9am?

Gale force winds and torrential rain have brought very hazardous conditions to the south of England this afternoon and evening, and the journey home, is looking more and more like it will be curtailed, as the work I am involved in may now not end until after 11pm.

Will there be a Travelodge or Premier Lodge open and available at this time of night?

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Friday, July 02, 2004  

This week I have mostly been in Soho, in Walthamstow, in Coventry and here, on a team building exercise, which was jolly good fun. My team won the "Build a rollercoaster from 60 wooden canes, two lengths of guttering, some string and plasticine and whoever's ball travels furthest and the longest is the winner" competition. Yay! Go Team!

This Saturday is, of course, the London Pride celebrations, err, sorry, I mean Pride London (BTW, who thought of that description?). Me and my very special friends will attend the march and the rally, and then get pissed in Soho. We will not be venturing here, oh no. Ghastly.

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