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Wednesday, May 25, 2005  

As a life-long Everton fan, will my heart be in it tonight? Supporting Liverpool in the European Champions League Final in Istanbul. When they appeared in the Final in years gone by, 1985 and before, I supported them as they were an English club. I've never been vehemently anti-LiverpoolFC, when they aren't playing Everton. One issue this time around, of course, is the discussion about whether Liverpool would replace Everton (who finished fourth, and above Liverpool, in the Premiership this season) in the Champions League next season, if they were to win it tonight. This would never do. Liverpool(or more correctly, certain sections of the Liverpool and Juventus fan-base) were the culprits the last time Everton had a crack at the European Cup in 1986, only to be denied following the crowd trouble at the Heysel Stadium Final of 1985.

Should the fact that they only have 2 regular first team players who are English, change my mind? Well, we're all European aren't we, no matter how awful the accent. Or the fact they haven't been Champions of England for 15 years?

So...... I just don't know, until the kick-off, and probably at least a few minutes in. I just know I wouldn't mind (too much) them winning tonight, as long as we get a crack at the Champions League next season, whether they are in it or not.

So, possibly, begrudgingly and maybe....GOOD LUCK.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005  

I went to Bluewater today.

I didn't wear a Hoodie, or a Baseball Cap.

So was not escorted from the building.

I was there on business, rather than the many others who were supporting(?) the ban.

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Friday, May 20, 2005  

Palm Dog

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Mad as a May Hare?
Those British Sea Power boys are officially a little off their collective trolleys. To whit, their recent correspondence:

"On 23 May - previously best known as the day on which the wretched
Burgundians captured Joan Of Arc and sold her to the rotten English -
British Sea Power release new single Please Stand Up. The single features
amazing unreleased B-sides, plus good old Lepus Timidus.

That’s right - the Please Stand Up sleeve features a glorious depiction
of the Mountain Hare. But believe us, bruv, there’s nothing timid about
this here hare. Look and you will see how this hare stands erect on
hind legs. It is single-handedly fighting off every bloody bomb the
military-industrial bullring can thrown at it! We feel certain that you will
applaud the way BSP have allied themselves with this brave creature. In
turn, we also feel sure that you will throw yourself into this
struggle, becoming the crucial third component of an irreducible tripartite
pact. How better to register your presence than by purchasing this
single?! To ease the process, Please Stand Up is available at a most
reasonable price."

And a bare(Hare?)-faced plug:

"But even if you can’t get out of the house next week, do not worry. HMV are
currently also offering all three formats for £5 from their website. If
this appeals, please visit the HMV website at This HMV
website deal finishes toward the close of Sunday 22 May."


In a separate development, I saw a transexual in full drag, shopping with a female friend in the Eastgate Shopping Centre in Basildon on Wednesday. Unusual to see one outside of London, Manchester, Brighton or Blackpool.

I then ran into someone who looked just like Dave's mum, Ann.

The 2 events are not linked.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005  

Am I intolerant if the sound of a baby/toddler crying(read 'demanding attention') is excrutiating to me?

Am I intolerant if I demand to know what that gang of children are doing walking around the town centre in the middle of the afternoon when surely they should be in school?

Am I intolerant if I am unhappy and suspicious of the new neighbours, who have moved into the housing association house a few doors down? Am I paranoid when I think that their eyes are boring into me when I park the car and walk to my house, as they sit on their stoop, drink from beer cans and smoke (weed?)?

Am I intolerant if I think 'old people' should do their shopping during the week?

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005  

not back

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