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Friday, March 31, 2006  

Currently loving:

The new Embrace album "This New Day". Soaring.
24. Tense. Exciting.
Desperate Housewives. Tense. Amusing. Sexy.
Holiday Planning
Lunette Hearts

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Sunday, March 26, 2006  

As Dave's new tattoo is still tender, we gave Duckie a miss and watched Oscar Best Picture winner Crash. I'd liked it when I saw it on a flight to Miami in December. It still moved me, but Dave gave it 2 out of 5 and explained that where Ang Lee used a fine paint brush to create Brokeback Mountain, Paul Haggis had employed Rolf Harris' methods in painting a picture of racism in LA.

I seem to have hurt my neck in bed, by just lying there sleeping.

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Friday, March 24, 2006  

The eastern European cashier and eastern European barista in Costa the other day, did not know what Fair Trade coffee was.

I had to point and ask them to turn around to see the rather large sign at the bottom of their wall menu, which stated that any coffee that Costa sell can be ordered Fair Trade.

Costa seem to take great pride in this "any-of-our-coffees" offer. They should tell their staff about it.

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Monday, March 20, 2006  

3.5 days off.

V For Vendetta : 4/10 Disappointing
Wolf Creek : 6/10 Uncomfortable
Brothers Grimm : 4/10 (if only for liking Terry, Heath and Matt)
The Descent : 6/10 SCARY
Six Nations Rugby Final Day : 0/10 for outcome. 3/10 for excitement

Back to work today, in the City. Leadenhall market, with its cobbled walkways and glass roof make it an attractive place to work, shop, eat. I always enjoy visiting, not withstanding having to get the train there. Though the tube journey, via Bank, suggested by Dave, was much more pleasant than getting the suburban train service(denizen of crack whores and mob muggings) into Liverpool Street. Humble beginnings as a meat and fish market in the 1300's, via the Great Fire, lead to it now playing host to Pizza Express, Sloggi, Hot Diamonds, HMV, Waterstones, Dolland & Aitchison. Still looks pretty, though.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006  

3 days away with work, including one in Milton Keynes. It gets a bad rep, but I love its EpCot-style wide avenues and Space 1999/Logans Run-style shopping centre. It Maybe it has subconcious positive vibes of the new town I grew up in (and ran screaming from in 1988).

Currently loving The Delays, "Valentine".

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Friday, March 10, 2006  

What I've been doing for 2 weeks............trying to find time to post and when eventually doing so, found Blogger to be inoperative. Working 60 hour weeks(this is regular for some people, and used to be regular for me, but I'm out of shape and not used to it, hence...I'm tired). Not staying up for the Oscars(thank God)....though 'Crash' moved me at one point and I've been 'bigging it up', this quote from an online forum sums the whole fiasco up:

Now that Crash is the gold standard in filmmaking, perhaps the Academy should go back and retroactively honor previous important and overlooked works.

Home Alone - Bravely explored the growing epidemic of the latchkey child in an ever more dangerous world.

Princess Diaries - Daringly explored the functionality and necessity of the Monarch system on the cusp of the 21st century.

Shallow Hal - A deep exploration of weight and weight related prejudice in America.

Crossroads(Britney Spears flick) - A harrowing coming of age story about four young women chasing their dreams despite the odds

Thinking about buying a laptop, or 'notebook' as they are now called by young people. Watching movies....Syriana, Batman Begins, Wallace & Gromit, Yossi & Jagger, The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, Mysterious Skin. Watching great TV: 24, Planet Earth. Watching Chelsea get tumbled out of the Champions League. Thinking about Alton Towers in 3 weeks time. Thinking about Florida in 6 weeks time. Thinking about Florida in 9 months time. Thinking about when I'll get time to post and just generally 'surf'. Trying to rid my body of the (probable) gastro-enteritis I picked up (probably) on Wednesday in Reading. Spending time in Oxford where we saw 2 male 20-ish students run naked down Cornmarket at 11pm while being photographed by their mates. Spending time in Reading, where I got the aforementioned g-e and where I thought things had improved immensely over the years - lovely new town centre entertainment/shopping area, and booming 'Southside' devlopment around their Premiership-in-the-Waiting Reading FC's Madejski Stadium. Smiling at Liverpool FCs being dumped out of Europe(I support Everton and actually used to root for Liverpool in Europe, but years of having my nose rubbed in it have finally crushed any ounce of support for them I might have in my blue blood - I won't name names). Listening to fantastic new songs by Embrace and Morrissey and waiting with baited breath for their new albums. Contemplating electronic collar device for Edward as the non-electronic 'training collar' seems to be near to useless.

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