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Tuesday, August 29, 2006  

I looked at the prices at Odeon West End, Sunday last week, after working near Leicester Square in the morning. £12.50. I'm not paying that.

I find I'm waiting for the video rental more and more.

Though I've started going to the cinema on my days off again(Pirates and Miami Vice in the last couple of weeks), I/we just don't go as much as we used to. Have recently seen Red Eye(good), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang(v.good), Saw II(OK), Munich(excellent) and History of Violence(excellent) on video as we'd not seen them at the cinema. At Pirates last Monday there were kids towards the back of the cinema chit chattering away for most of the first hour. I think they may even have left the cinema at that time.

Why pay to go to the cinema and then not concentrate on what you've paid to see?!

I suppose that that is part of why you pay more in the West End, there's less of those people disinterested in the whole cinema experience.

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